Unisexual Ambystoma

Unisexual Ambystoma

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plenty of thanks to give on SciFund day 3

SciFund Challenge Day 3 update:

I'm now 32% ($511) on the way to my goal! I've got plenty of folks to thank from the last two days.

Tim Earnest - Tim was my boss during my summer jobs as an undergrad and one of my groomsmen in my wedding. He told me that his oldest daughter wants to name their salamander "Glitter Shine" or "Tim Mannix". Thanks Tim!

Tim Mitchener and Kari Bragg - The first donations to come from family members! Thanks so much Mom and Tim! My Mom was the first to break the $100 barrier, so awesome.

Kyle MacLea - Kyle is a fellow SciFund participant this year and a postdoc at Colorado State University. You can check out Kyle's project here. Kyle studies asexual (just like my salamanders!) crayfish and supporting him will help do some of the first genetic studies of these animals. Check it out!

Stephen Richter - Stephen is my former advisor at Eastern Kentucky University and an all-around great guy who got me some of my first good opportunities in academia. To pay him back, I'm teaching his sons how to play chess.

And last but certainly not least is Ann Fro from South Hadley, Massachusetts. What makes Ann so special? Well, she is the first contributor to my project who I don't know and my project is the first SciFund she has supported. How cool is that? Thanks so much for your generosity Ann!

Thanks again everyone!

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