Unisexual Ambystoma

Unisexual Ambystoma

Monday, May 7, 2012

SciFund Day 7

It is day seven of the SciFund challenge and we are entering the marathon portion of the month. My project is still around 1/3 of the way to my goal after some generous donations from some family, some colleagues, and some folks I've never even met.

Part of being a scientist that communicates with the public is challenging some common stereotypes, such as:

I wear a white lab coat to work everyday, have crazy white hair, and laugh maniacally when I get an experiment to work.

I have no personal skills.

I only talk to other scientists and only speak in a foreign language of scientific jargon.

In reality, scientists are an extremely diverse group of individuals who all share a passion for asking "why?"

Check out this video from SciFund that introduces the scientists who want to share their work with the world.


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  1. Hi! I just sent a contribution to support your project. I've been fascinated by these salamanders for many years (I was at Michigan when Tom Uzzell did his work on them), which is why I'm happy to be a contributor to your efforts. Keep me posted!