Unisexual Ambystoma

Unisexual Ambystoma

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SciFund Day 20

Just a few days ago, my SciFund project reached 100% of my goal thanks to some very generous folks. Unfortunately, I was preparing to leave for South Carolina and didn't get a chance to properly document all of my gratitude. 

Here are the folks who brought me to my goal and even pushed me over the top. I emailed everyone who I don't already know and asked for some details that I could share. This is the result.

Kari Bragg - Of course, my lovely mother chipped in to my project. Because she knows how much I love her, I will go ahead and put the most embarrassing photo I have of here right here. Thanks Mom!

Tom Beauvais - Dr. Beauvais is a retired geographer who now does research at the Field Museum in Chicago. Tom has many connections to Ohio herpetology, and is particularly interested in the historical occurrence of the Eastern Massasauga, a state-endangered rattlesnake. My project caught his eye because it is based in Crawford County, Ohio, an area that he has written about in a Massasauga manuscript. Thanks so much Tom!

Louanna Mossburg - Louanna "Nan" Mossburg is my great Aunt and one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Nan has sent subscriptions of National Geographic to me for years, inspiring me to think scientifically about the natural world. Thanks Nan!

MW Chase - MW Chase is so mysterious, he/she doesn't even have a full first name. I'm going to just assume that MW is a great person and a real science fan. Thanks to MW Chase!

Max Lonetto - Max was kind enough to donate to my project, and that makes him a great guy in my book. Thanks Max!

Andrew Baldwin - Andrew, or Dr. Baldwin, is a recent PhD in civil engineering from San Fransisco, California. He donated to my project because he found it to pose an interesting hypothesis and he feels strongly about supporting science research. Thanks Andrew!

Anil J - The only things that I know about Anil is that I am grateful for his/her generosity! Thank Anil!

Dale Hoyt - Dr. Hoyt is a retired university professor from the University of Georgia. He mainly worked on population genetics questions, but has always had a love for herpetology. He even went to grad school with Tom Uzzell, who was one of the first scientists to study the unisexual salamanders. Thanks Dr. Hoyt!

James Palmer - James is a physics graduate who lives in the UK and is a big fan of science. The fun fact about James is that he enjoys juggling, a skill that I would certainly abuse to impress people at parties. Thanks James!

Joe Bartoszek - Dr. Bartoszek received his PhD from Wright State in 2009 working with Ambystomatid salamanders. He was one of the authors of Sex in Unisexual Salamanders, one of the most influential papers written recently about the unisexual salamanders and one of the first papers I read when I got interested in this study system. It feels pretty good that he is now donating to my project! Thanks Joe!

WHEW. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me reach my goal. It has been great to meet so many new people who are now part of my project. 

I have a few things planned for when I get back from South Carolina in a couple of days, including an update about what I'm doing down here (catching turtles!), some media that I'll be in this coming week, as well as a profile of some of my favorite SciFund projects.

Thanks y'all.

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